Pain Management

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  • Completely re-structured. Urological cancers moved to from, Pain management (General) + Cancer pain management (General) + Postoperative pain management moved to Addendum A1 to A3.
  • Algorithms urological cancers added
  • Text further condensed
  • Paragraph added on ‘neuropathic pain’+ algorithm in chapter 2 ‘Urological Cancers’
  • Request to republish Short Form McGill Pain Questionnaire (Distinguishes between nociceptive and neuropathic pain)
  • Request to republish WHO ladder
  • Section 4.4 Aetiological treatment removed from ‘Acute Flank Pain’ chapter
  • Section added on ‘Iron treatment related to Cancer Related Fatique’ in Paliative Care chapter
  • Section added on ‘Home palliation’ in Palliative care chapter
  • Palliative Care chapter reviewed by Dr. Krakowski and Dr. Wagner
  • FDA warning acetaminophen



The 2013 edition contains partial updates based on the available literature. Section 3.5 on Palliative Care was moved and expanded to a new Chapter 7, which deals with the subject of Palliative Care.



The current 2012 edition contains partial updates based on the available literature and two new topics were added, Section 3.4 “Denusomab” and Section 3.5 “Palliative care”.