Acknowledgement of reviewers for the 2021 edition of the EAU Guidelines

Reviewers are identified based on their expert knowledge within the urological field and bordering specialities. The EAU Guidelines Office Board is most grateful for their time and diligence in providing complete and extensive reviews of the individual EAU Guidelines. Whenever feasible, feedback from lay reviewers and patient advocacy groups has been sought.

EAU Guidelines Reviewers (alphabetical listing):

Prof.Dr. P. Abrams
Prof.Dr. M. Averbeck
Prof.Dr. B. Bhindi
Ms. L. van de Bilt-Sonderegger
Dr. C. Cary
Mr. M.L. Cutress
Prof.Dr. F. Debiais
Prof.Dr. D. De Ridder
Dr. M. Falcone
Prof.Dr. R. Fietkau
Dr. S. Gilbert
Dr. R. Gomez
Prof.Dr. P.J. Hallscheidt
Dr. A. Horiguchi
Prof.Dr. P. Hoskin
Dr. R. Inman
Prof.Dr. E. Jonasch
Prof.Dr. A. Kamat
Prof.Dr. W. Kassouf
Dr. M.W. Kramer
Prof.Dr. L. Looijenga
Prof.Dr. Y. Lotan
Dr. G. Lughezzani
Dr. L. Martinez-Piñeiro
Prof.Dr. T. Materson
Dr. M. Moschini
Prof.Dr. A.K. Morgans
Dr. J.R. Oddens
Prof. Dr. W. Oosterlinck
Prof.Dr. I. Ouzaid
Mr. R. Parkinson
Dr. R. Doggweiler
Dr. K. Rourke
Mr. M Shabbir
Prof.Dr. A. Stenzl
Prof.Dr. J. Teoh
Prof.Dr. W. Turner
Prof.Dr. E. Xylinas