Usage and Republication


The content of the European Association of Urology (EAU) Guidelines and all products derived from such material is made available for personal and educational use only. No commercial usage is authorized. No part of the EAU Guidelines and any related products may be translated or reproduced in any form without written permission from the EAU.

EAU members can view, print and download the EAU Guidelines material in the available translations by logging in via MyEAU. Non-EAU members can only view the online versions in English.

The EAU does not allow for the insertion of their Guidelines and any other material based on these texts (full or partial) in external websites, pages, portals or servers, unless specific exceptional permission has been granted for such.

National (urological) societies’ translation and republication requests

The EAU welcome requests from national urological societies to translate and reprint their Guidelines and related material. For this purpose a written request is to be sent to the chairman of the EAU Guidelines Office, Prof. J. N’Dow.

Copyright will be transferred, for once-only translation and republication of all texts in case these are made available to the national urologists free of charge. Permission will, however, also rely on the explicit condition that no commercial involvement can be linked to such a reprint. Funding such a republication through the inclusion of commercial advertisement or financial support otherwise generated through a commercial third party (industry, publishing house etc.) is not allowed.

Any commercial involvement linked to EAU Guidelines republication will result in withholding permission.

Furthermore, the EAU will not assume any responsibility for the correctness of the translations which are the sole responsibility of the national society in question. Proper reference to the source material is to be ensured, also in case Guidelines texts, or their derivative products, are adapted to specific requirements related to medical practices and the national healthcare system of the country in question.

By transferring copyright for such a translation and republication the EAU will not accept any financial claims related to the work involved.

Commercial reprints

The EAU offers companies the opportunity to order reprints of original material. This may concern single Guidelines topics or the full corpus of guidelines texts. In that case logistics and printing will be handled by the EAU central office. Please note that this may prove costly in case of a small print-run.

Reprints of Guidelines material published in European Urology are also governed by EAU Copyright, no part of these Guidelines texts and any related products may be translated or reproduced in any form without written permission from the EAU. English language reprints of the texts may be requested directly from the publisher. Translations of these papers are prohibited, only national associations can apply for permission to do so through the EAU Guidelines Office.