10th ERUS meeting to present results of Robotic Urology Fellowship Curriculum pilot

Fri, 30 Aug 2013

The upcoming EAU Robotic Urology Section (ERUS) Congress, to be held in Stockholm on 3-5 September will include a presentation of the results from a three-month pilot project. The project aims to establish a workable curriculum for surgeons specialising in robotic urology. As a formal curriculum was yet to have been created, the ERUS believes this project has great potential in establishing robotic surgery as a major part of urology.

The objective of the pilot was to examine to what extent a structured fellowship would allow a surgeon to perform a robot-assisted prostatectomy independently and effectively. The fellowship includes theoretical sessions, skills training (dry and wet laboratories), real-case observation in a training center, bedside assistance, and mentored training at the console. This pilot marks the first time that a formal, long-term curriculum was formulated and tested with participants, anywhere in the world.

ERUS Chair, Dr. Alex Mottrie: “As the role of robot-assisted surgery in urology is growing, the development of structured and validated training programs is one of the main topics to be taken into consideration. Well-organised educational curricula, as well as proficiency-based credentialing processes are needed for today, and are of importance for the future of young urologists. Patient safety and better surgical outcomes depend on it.”

A new tab has been added to the ERUS Section Page, which outlines the proposed curriculum in detail, and introduces the participants of the pilot programme, as well as the institutions involved.