10th EUREP Meeting comes to a close in Prague

Mon, 3 Feb 2014

The anniversary edition of the European Urology Residents Education Programme took place in Prague from 31 August to 5 September. “Continuity is important, and in that respect, the course is running very well” says Prof. Joan Palou, chairman of the European School of Urology and chair of one of the modules taught at the meeting.

The programme is geared towards final-year residents, offering them a comprehensive overview of urology in an intense five-day course. This year, over 360 residents stayed at the Clarion Hotel in Prague, following lectures, taking part in discussions and taking part in hands-on training courses. For some residents, EUREP also provided the occasion to take the FEBU (Fellowship of the European Board of Urology) exam.

A defining characteristic of EUREP is the relatively informal atmosphere, and the interaction between residents and faculty. Palou: “It’s good for the residents to talk to the faculty and even share a meal with them. The residents spend a few days with the leading experts of different subspecialties and they can ask them any questions they might have.”

In addition to the aforementioned goals of EUREP, the programme ties into the EBU and the EAU’s goals of raising the level of urological care in Europe. “Residents who follow the modules and take the FEBU exam are taking evidence-based knowledge back to their own countries. If the European Union would want to introduce a standardised qualification for urologists, we’re already one step ahead.”

The residents’ programme also included ample opportunities to meet colleagues from Europe and beyond. An ever-popular barbecue and karaoke evening made for a welcome mid-programme break.

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A much expanded version of this article, including further interviews with residents and faculty will be published in the October/November edition of European Urology Today.