11th ESOU features extensive programme, emphasises the role of scientific debates

Wed, 18 Dec 2013

The date of the 11th Meeting of the EAU Section of Oncological Urology is fast approaching. This event, one of the most successful of the association, will take place in Prague, Czech Republic on 17-19 January 2014. It is the first time that Prague hosts the annual event, and a great opportunity to showcase the advances in urological cancer research.

The scientific programme offers a varied set of panels and debates ranging from screening and diagnosis to treatment options. For example, diagnostic and prognostic tools for prostate cancer will be analysed at length by experts from Austria, France and Italy during the debate titled “Prostate biopsy and pathological evaluation: How to achieve maximum information.”

In this debate, the pros and cons of TRUS and MRI directed biopsies are explored at length, while also looking at the reliability of pathological examinations and the role of tissue biomarkers to predict prognoses. One of the themes is the promising development in prostate cancer diagnosis: integrating MRI and targeted biopsies. This has proved to be helpful in the detection of clinically significant cancers, while reducing the number of men who need to undergo a biopsy.

For Prof. Arnauld Villers (FR), however, while “these results are very encouraging, currently, TRUS 12-systematic posterior biopsies should still be performed along with MRI-targeted biopsies before prospective randomized trials to assess mp-MRI and targeted biopsies only in case of suspicious lesion.”

Furthermore, he proposes that cost-effectiveness evaluations and training of radiologists and doctors should be addressed in the discussion of MRI-targeted biopsies as a way to screen smarter. This discussion is complemented by Prof. Bob Djavan (AT), who ponders whether it is defi nitely time to trash TRUS biopsies and their true value as diagnostic tools.

This and other debates and presentations at the forefront of medical and technological advances make the 11th Meeting of the ESOU a great venue to learn about and share the gains in urological research, education and training. We look forward to seeing you in beautiful Prague at another exciting ESOU event.

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