3rd EMUC: multidisciplinary, thought-provoking, interactive

Fri, 8 Jul 2011

Much has changed in onco-urology since the 2nd European Multidisciplinary Meeting on Urological Cancer (EMUC), which took place two years ago. It’s time for the international community of urologists, radiologists and medical oncologists to touch base again and discuss these developments and insights. The upcoming 3rd EMUC will provide the much needed platform, offering an excellent interactive format and a exhaustive series of updates.The 3rd European Multidisciplinary Meeting on Urological Cancer will be held in Barcelona on 4-6 November 2011.

The meeting will pick up and develop the discussions of the previous editions, with a number of presentations dedicated to management of NMIBC, the role of bio-markers in BCa, surgical and systemic treatment of RCC, approaches in high-risk PCa and others.

A debate on the pros and cons of population-based screening for prostate cancer will be held again, this year clashing the opposing opinions of C. Bangma (the Netherlands) and P.C. Albertsen (US). The fact that this discussion continues to be relevant year on year underlines the complexity of such a policy and reveals its numerous implications for individual patients, national health systems and urology practitioners.

At the same time, the 3rd EMUC will address many new topics, featuring for the first time a section of penile cancer. Here a series of state-of-the-art lectures will cover the role of immunisation, the effects of local treatment (S. Minhas, UK), the when and the how of systemic treatment (O. Hakenberg, Germany), and the use of radiotherapy and brachytherapy (C. Haie Meder, France).

Another brand-new section will be dedicated to the translation of knowledge from basic science to the clinic, with S. Osanto (the Netherlands) covering current application of findings in the field of MiRNAs. The second lecture in this session, presented by N. Maitland (US), will discuss the implication of research in stem cells in urology.

The 3rd EMUC promises to give many answers to the attending participants, both in terms of current developments, and practical implementation of this knowledge in a multidisciplinary setting. A new round-up session “Take Home Messages” will give a manageable overview of the key issues discussed at the meeting.

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