5,656 abstracts submitted for EAU24!

In anticipation of the upcoming EAU24 Congress, the abstract submission period ended on a high-note last month, boosting the largest number of submissions in four years, totalling an impressive 5,656 abstracts.

Fri, 24 Nov 2023
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5,147 poster abstracts and 509 video abstracts were submitted, covering an extensive range of topics that illustrated the broad and diverse landscape of specialities in urology. This surge in participation confirms the growing interest and engagement within our urological community, highlighting the significance of the Annual EAU Congress in fostering collaboration and knowledge-exchange.

Abstract submissions came from 87 different countries this year, and each continent was represented, with Europe being the leading contributor, followed by Asia, North America, Africa, Oceania, and then South America.

The topics with the biggest number of poster submissions included prostate cancer (approximately 34%), urothelial cancer, benign lower and upper urinary tract diseases, renal tumours, and urolithiases.

The top five topics for video submissions received were uro-genital reconstruction (approximately 27%), renal tumour, benign lower and upper urinary tract diseases, renal and complex urology, and prostate cancer.

The Scientific Congress Office, supported by over 430 expert reviewers, is currently reviewing submissions. This extensive review process will ensure that EAU24 covers the most relevant research in the field of urology, with the collective knowledge of the urological community on full display.

Submitters can expect the outcome as of 19 December on the online abstract submission system and will be notified via email. The deadline to accept or withdraw an abstract is 15 January 2024. By accepting, delegates will be expected to present their work in Paris, France.

All accepted and presented abstracts are eligible for prizes granted in the various categories including oncology, non-oncology, abstracts by residents, best posters and the best video abstracts. Additionally, all accepted abstracts will be accessible online for EAU members and EAU24 delegates one month before the congress via the EAU24 Virtual Platform (5 March, 10:00 CET).