7th SEEM to tackle hot issues in urological cancers, andrology and paediatric urology

Tue, 7 Jun 2011

A comprehensive assessment and update on current controversial issues in kidney and prostate cancers, andrology and paediatric urology will be taken up at the 7th South Eastern European Meeting to be held in Skopje.The two-day annual meeting from October 14 to 15 will feature state-of-the-art lectures on prostate cancer (PCa) with topics ranging from future prospects in robot-assisted radical prostatectomy, delayed hormonal therapy, active surveillance issues and managing castration resistant prostate cancer.

Uro-oncology experts from across Europe will also speak on iatrogenic injury of the ureter, and the vascular anomalies in kidney transplantation. A whole session on kidney cancer will also be held with speakers examining the management of small renal masses, pros and cons of open and laparoscopic partial nephrectomy and providing an update on targeted therapies.

For urologists specialised on andrology the management of erectile dysfunction, varicocele treatment and the latest strategies to harvest sperm from the urogenital tract will top the agenda on the second day. Rounding up the last/day session is an update on antenatal hydronephrosis and surgical treatment for female stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and case presentations on male incontinence.

To be chaired by Prof. Zhivko Popov of the Clinical Center Skopje, the 7th SEEM will highlight expertise in the region and the unique challenges faced by urological professionals in Southeastern Europe.

`With their expanding international contacts and active participation in international meetings, urologists from here have boosted the quality of urological practice in the region and within the context of current developments in modern surgery and medicine,` said Popov.

He added that for young urologists attending the regional meeting, the occasion will be a prime opportunity for them to present their newest research and receive constructive feedback from their colleagues. For participants joining the abstract presentations, the deadline for submission will be on July 1, 2011. Prizes for the best abstracts will be presented at the end of the meeting.

An annual meeting that has attracted an increasing number of participants in recent years, the 7th SEEM will have three plenary sessions, nine poster sessions, two state-of-the-art lectures and two panel sessions over two days.