AFU campaign: I ride against prostate cancer

For the second year in a row, the French Association of Urology (AFU) is organising “I ride against prostate cancer”, a campaign aimed at raising awareness about prostate cancer and promoting men’s health.

Thu, 11 May 2023
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Participants in the “I ride against prostate cancer” campaign will include urologists, prostate cancer health professionals, as well as patients and their families. Together, on Saturday, 3 June 2023, this large group will tackle the extra-ordinary and challenging experience of climbing Mont Ventoux by bike!

Once again, the EAU Secretary General Prof. Arnulf Stenzl (DE) has accepted an invitation to summit this legendary Tour de France climb with fellow colleagues. “With an average gradient of 7.7%, the gruelling 21km long climb of Mont Ventoux could perhaps be seen as an analogy to prostate cancer. For many patients with this disease they have a long strenuous treatment ahead of them. For the treating physicians it is difficult to decide sometimes how much energy should be applied early or later. For any of the possible treatment options it is important to achieve the right balance for objective results and subjective quality of life. For all of us it is important to show the significance of prostate cancer in this awareness campaign to the people all over Europe.”

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, with more than 50,0000 new cases every year and approximately 8,000 deaths per year, ranking third as the cause of cancer deaths in humans after lung and colon.

Last year’s successful campaign saw approximately 300 cyclists conquer Mont Ventoux together. Prof. Alexander de la Taille (FR), the President of the AFU, has suggested that there will be a larger group this year. “Approximately 500 cyclists will convene to participate in this awareness campaign that also places emphasis on the importance of sport for good health, as well as an appeal for donations for prostate cancer research. For this 2023 edition, Bernard Hinault once again wished to be the ambassador of the AFU campaign. Around the most famous of our cycling champions, we will mobilise to embody this image of cycling against cancer."

Would you like to show your support and join?

The Ventoux climb is being organised by AFU in partnership with the Vélo Club La Pomme Marseille. The goal is to climb Mont Ventoux together, adapted to everyone's level of training, in complete safety. Participants can choose from two routes, and can do the ride on either a regular bicycle or an electric bicycle if the climb is too challenging for those that would still like to participate in this important campaign.

“I ride against prostate cancer” offers the chance to promote mean’s health, raise awareness about prostate cancer, and conquer Mont Ventoux together. To learn more about this campaign and how to join, please visit the campaign website.