Amsterdam to host International State-of-the-Art Conference on Prostate and Kidney Cancers

Tue, 28 May 2013

In a meeting aimed at urologists as well as medical oncologists, the organisers of the State-of-the Art conference look for a common, international and multidisciplinary approach to patient care. The conference features renowned international speakers, and takes place in the Dutch capital on 25-26 September 2013.

“Given the many developments in the field of urological cancers in recent years, a state-of-the-art conference such as this is a necessary step to spread this knowledge,” said Prof. Susanne Osanto of Leiden University Medical Centre, and co-organiser of the conference. “It is of great importance to speed up development of clinical trials and the implementation of new strategies that will benefit patients.”

Osanto: “We’ve seen the development of new imaging strategies, which deserve to be discussed by experts. Also, we hope to introduce basic science into the management of urological cancers. By examining tumours on a genomic level, personalised treatment of patients becomes a possibility. We’ve strived to see this development reflected in the conference’s scientific programme.”

The meeting features top EAU-affiliated experts, renowned medical oncologists, experts in radiology and basic scientists. Topics to be covered include treatment of (metastatic) renal cell carcinoma, challenges and progress on localised prostate cancer, surgical approaches and clinical trials.

The complete scientific programme, as well as information on registration can be found on in the meeting brochure on the websiteof the European Uro-Oncology Group.