Bridging communities - A dynamic, pro-active involvement with the EAUN

Sun, 11 Sep 2011

My experience in urological nursing over the last 16 years has gone through many so-called “wet and dry plains” of urology care, and one which brought me to my current position now as a uro-oncology clinical nurse specialist and lecturer at the Kings College Hospital in London.The diverse roles I have include being a nurse cystoscopist for bladder cancer cases, and in prostate cancer an active involvement in diagnosis, treatment management and a specialist role in treating bone metastasis. And with the increasing specialisation, my academic role has also led me to contribute to training programmes designed for both nurses and doctors in urology.

Over time, we have witnessed that the changes, clinical challenges and new treatment approaches in urology have signifi cantly impacted the work of urology nurses. Thus, the need to build bridges in urological nursing across countries and continents has become more essential, and one that will certainly help in bringing a more solid foundation or structure to our specialty.

I’ve always been impressed with the European approach to urology nursing, and perhaps this thought could be due to the fact that I live in an “island.” What I specially note in the European approach is the diversity of roles and breadth of experience, and I believe these qualities are crucial to harness if we aim to move forward as an organisation.

Clearly, there are challenges in working for an organisation whose members come from across mainland Europe and with various cultures and nursing practices. On the other hand this diversity can also be seen as a benefi t since we all have so much to bring to the table. I consider it therefore a great privilege to be elected to the EAUN board and be part of this dynamic organisation.

And the saying that ”time stops for no man” is certainly true in the EAUN as during the initial months as board member, I have already been deeply involved in its frontline activities. Our meeting in Paris is not far away and already I anticipate that it’s going to be another exciting and impressive programme.

I look forward to seeing you all in Paris!

Lawrence Drudge-CoatesUrological Oncology Clinical Nurse SpecialistEAUN Board Member London (UK)

Article from European Urology Today, volume 23, No. 4