EAU Patient Information participates in World Cancer Congress this month

The World Cancer Congress (WCC) will be held in Geneva, Switzerland from 18-20 October 2022. The EAU Patient Advocacy Group (EPAG) member organisations: the Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL), the International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC), and the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition (WBCPC), together with the EAU Patient Information (PI) initiative, have been chosen to present a digital session.

Mon, 10 Oct 2022
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The session includes three presentations covering the theme of people living with cancer, "Empowering genitourinary cancer patients to become their own best advocates."

The first presentation will be from Dr. Rachel Giles and Mr. Michael Herbst of the IKCC Netherlands and South Africa, respectively. They will share the results and implications of their study called "Global patient survey 2020: Mapping the kidney cancer patient experience worldwide." The survey included 2,012 respondents in 41 countries, including the United States, South Korea, Canada, France, India, the United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden.

This is followed by a presentation from PI Working Group Member, Ms. Louisa Fleure. The presentation, titled "Androgen deprivation therapy educational programme for European prostate cancer patients," will talk about how the programme helps prostate cancer patients improve their quality of life as well as maintain strong intimate relationships while on Androgen Deprivation Therapy.

Finally, Mr. Alex Filicevas of WBCPC will present the lecture "Start-up guide for bladder cancer patient groups." This guide promotes the establishment of bladder cancer patient groups in different countries and provides pre-made resources and shares best-practice examples for getting started. It also informs, supports, and creates unity among bladder cancer patient groups to grow the global community of bladder cancer patient groups. Everyone is invited to be part of this global initiative in addressing the largely unmet needs of patients.

This session has been pre-recorded and all congress registered participants can view it between 18 October until 31 December.

For more information, please visit the digital programme.