"Easy Rider": Pirtek Benelux raises money and awareness for prostate cancer through international bike ride

Mon, 2 May 2011

The EAU appreciates Pirtek Benelux’s initiative to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer through a sponsored bike ride. Under the banner of “Easy Rider”, around fifteen participants will cycle from London to Amsterdam between 9 and 13 May. The EAU, based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, supports these efforts and encourages awareness of this disease worldwide.Pirtek is an international company, which is specialised in mobile, on-site servicing of hydraulic hoses, pipe fittings and couplings and leads the European market. Its Benelux office has organised the charity bicycle trip in cooperation with the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina Cancer Foundation (KWF-Kankerbestrijding) and its website “staoptegenkanker.nl” (“stand up to cancer”). On this site, individuals or groups can organise their sponsored activities, keep track of donations and promote their efforts.

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer for men in the Netherlands. On a yearly basis, some 6000 new cases are diagnosed. If prostate cancer goes undiagnosed for too long, it can prove fatal. Encouraging regular screening and promoting a larger awareness of the problem can help combat the disease. The EAU has contributed to the “Easy Rider” initiative, which will hopefully occur on a yearly basis with an increasing number of participants.

The EAU supports initiatives and increased awareness of prostate cancer and other urological issues in its urology week: Urology WeekSupport Pirtek Benelux’s sponsored bicycle trip on the event’s page: Easy-Rider (in Dutch).