EAU Baltic Meeting 2015: Best abstract presentation winners

Mon, 1 Jun 2015

Host country Latvia picked up three prizes from the nine available awards for best abstract presentations at the recently concluded 2nd EAU Baltic Meeting held over the weekend in Riga.

First prizes were awarded to studies conducted by researchers in Riga (Latvia), Galway (Ireland), and Vilnius (Lithuania), covering various topics that ranged from prostate cancer, stone disease, and kidney and related urological malignancies.

From the 78 abstracts presented in four poster sessions, the jury awarded nine prizes sponsored by Astellas, Berlin Chemie and Karl Storz. Besides the cash prize, the winning abstracts will also be presented during the EAU’s Annual Congress to be held in Munich next year.

Below are the winners:


Professors E. Vjaters (L) and B. Djavan (R) hand the first prize from Astellas to Dr. Vita Melne

First prize (Photo): “Autoantibody responses elicited by prostate cancer-possible biomarkers for the aggressiveness of the disease,” Asbtract 34, Melne, V. et al., (Riga, Latvia)

Second prize: “Luminex detected antibodies are clinically relevant in pretransplant risk assessment,” Abstract 73, Veskimäe, P. et al., (Tartu, Estonia)

Third prize: “Is there a difference in number of interstitial cells, nuerons, presence of fibrosis and inflammation in UPL tissues of patients with UPJ obstruction with and without crossing-vessel and normal subjects in humans?” Abstract 16, Canda, A. E. et al., (Sakarya, Turkey)

Berlin Chemie

N. Nabi (middle) from Ireland won the Berlin Chemie first prize for best abstract

First Prize (Photo): “Lower ureteric stones treated by expulsive medical therapy: Selective a1-adrenergic blockers versus tadalafil plus selective a1-adrenergic blockers,” Abstract 75, Nabi, N. et al., (Galway, Ireland)

Second Prize: “Survival rates of hereditary and sporadic prostate cancer patients,” Abstract 28, Miculis, K. et al., (Riga,Latvia)

Third Prize: “Evidence of bladdr re-innervation following spinal cord injury via vagal nerve- fMRI study,” Abstract 5, Krhut, J. et al ., (Prague, Czech Republic)

Karl Storz:

A. Cekauskas won the Karl Storz first prize for best abstract

First Prize (Photo): “Outcomes following partial nephrectomy for small renal masses,” Abstract 47, Cekauskas, A. et al., (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Second Prize: “Immediate results of surgical treatment of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer using the new en bloc TURBT,” Abstract 42, Masanski, I. et al., (Minsk, Belarus)

Third Prize: “Renal colic: Emergency department diagnositc workout and treatment,” Abstract 76, Redmanis, L. et al., (Riga, Latvia)