EAU Events: Beware of hotel fraud

Recently, fraudulent travel and congress companies have been approaching our faculty and potential delegates via e-mail, regarding EAU24 and other meetings like UROtech24.

Fri, 8 Dec 2023
EAU 24UR Otech 24Annual EAU Congress

Protect yourself against scams and ensure a seamless congress experience by only registering through the official congress organiser, Congress Consultants B.V., which is the only party handling the registration of delegates of the EAU24 congress and UROtech24.

Avoid fraudulent websites such as www.annual2024meeting.com/eau/ or Global Travel Experts. Companies such as these use a range of tactics (including unauthorised usage of the EAU logo) to mislead registrants, who will find out on-site that their credit cards were charged but no registration was made and/or no hotel accommodation was booked.

Congress Consultants B.V. is based in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Correspondence related to the registration will only come from the Netherlands. The EAU does not work from any other country.

The official emails will always only come from:

  • @congressconsultants.com
  • @uroweb.org

The EAU warns delegates to be cautious when disclosing personal information to third parties.


In case our events have accommodation partners, you can find the details on the respective meeting sites for EAU24 and UROtech24.