EAU joins Bladder Cancer Europe roundtable meeting in Brussels

Mon, 23 May 2016

The International Centre for Parliamentary Studies (iCPS) will hold on June 21, 2016 the Bladder Cancer Europe 2016 meeting to highlight the importance of tackling bladder cancer issues by inviting key stakeholders from various sectors. Represented by Prof. Hein Van Poppel, European Association of Urology (EAU) Adjunct Secretary General for Education, the EAU will join a pivotal roundtable meeting on bladder cancer issues in Brussels.

“This roundtable meeting will bring together EU policy makers, medical and clinical professionals, academic experts, healthcare payers and patient groups, to examine the ongoing challenges in managing bladder cancer more effectively and explore practical solutions in order to reach an EU-wide consensus and implement a forward action plan,” the iCPS said. The Brussels-based group said roundtable participants will hear from high-level EU health officials and leading oncology experts a variety of perspectives and recommendations through a series of open discussions.

“By presenting our views and actively participating in open discussions we can highlight issues that are often overlooked. We can offer insights on healthcare issues and by doing so, European Union (EU) policy makers can focus on key topics and help orient or facilitate public understanding,” said Van Poppel.

The iCPS, which works for and supports a uniform EU-wide policy, said the topics for the roundtable include data and information sharing among member states, a patient-centred multidisciplinary approach to bladder cancer, holistic personalised management to improve quality of life, reaching an EU-wide consensus for improved diagnostic accuracy, effective management and care, and a call to action in bladder cancer management in the elderly, among other issues. The roundtable will also enable participants to network and exchange ideas with their peers and counterparts during the breaks and a drinks reception to establish and strengthen relationships.

The iCPS, a research institution that works closely with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the European Parliament, the European Commission and health administrations worldwide, has invited Van Poppel to present during Session 2 the range of medical issues such as challenges and opportunities in early detection and screening of bladder cancer, treatment using the BCG, cystectomy, mitomycin and photodynamic therapy, surgical methods, overcoming gender and social class disparities in bladder cancer and treatment costs.

Mr. John Bowis, OBE, and former MEP and MP (UK Parliament) will chair the roundtable meeting which will have three sessions featuring presentations by representatives of the MEPs Against Cancer (European Parliament), European Commission, the World Health Organisation and the International Bladder Cancer Network.

Details on the meeting and programme can be viewed at this link: http://bladdercancer.parlicentre.org/programme.php