EAU Membership now extends to medical students

The European Association of Urology recently introduced a new form of membership, targeting medical students who are specializing in urology. The Association welcomes its first medical student, Mr. Oliver Brunckhorst, who is based in London.

Tue, 21 Jul 2015 • Loek Keizer

Medical students can now join residents, urologists and retired urologists in membership, receiving many of the same benefits. This includes access to the online EAU Guidelines, free access to the Annual EAU Congress, and online access to the journal European Urology. A student membership costs €50 annually.

Mr. Brunckhorst is a final-year student at Imperial College, developing an interest in urology: “I have always had a keen interest for surgery and this has only strengthened as I progress through my training. However, more recently I have gained more exposure to Urology and have become extremely intrigued by this field, particularly with the large variety offered in every day practice and the very effective use of technology within the specialty.”

As for many non-members, the Annual EAU Congress was a big draw for Brunckhorst to consider membership. “Through my interest in Urology I came to be aware of the EAU and its role in the field. However, I came to join the organisation when I was looking to present some of the work I had undertaken within Urology during my Intercalated Bachelor degree.”

“I was well aware that one of the highlights of the calendar was the Annual EAU Congress, but as a student I would have been unable to afford the full fees of the conference. Therefore, I enquired about membership and therefore was very grateful to be able to attend to present my work through this.”

Membership Benefits

The EAU Membership Office decided to open membership to medical students to attract members and affiliate them with the Association at an earlier point in their career. Student membership will be adjusted to resident membership and full membership as the member progresses through his or her career.

Student membership offers many of the same benefits as a resident’s or full membership, including but not limited to: online access to the EAU Guidelines; a hard copy of the Pocket Guidelines; online access to European Urology and EU Focus; advanced access to UROsource; free access to the Annual EAU Congress and discounts for other events; and access to a variety of publications. For a full list of benefits and more information on signing up, please visit the EAU’s membership pages!

Mr. Brunckhorst thinks he will benefit from his membership, even as he prepares for his final exams: “I think the main things this will enable me to achieve is keep up to date with the field of urology, and, as mentioned, give me the opportunity to attend events. Additionally, some of the resources available on Uroweb such as the EAU Guidelines look to be very useful for my education, even at this stage as I prepare for my finals!”