EAU Membership Office: An update

For the European Association of Urology the year 2011 was marked by continuous growth of membership.

Fri, 30 Dec 2011

The EAU now counts over 16,000 members. With the goal to unite medical specialists from all over the world and provide a core structure for dynamic exchange of scientific knowledge and practical skill, the EAU offers membership to certified urologists, urologists-in-training, scientists in urology and related specialties both inside and outside Europe.

There are a number of membership categories available: active, junior and affiliate EAU membership. These have recently been supplemented by a special “en-bloc” membership option, which is open for national urological societies interested in providing both national and EAU membership simultaneously. For this purpose, the EAU and the national societies sign a membership agreement.

The ‘printed’ type of membership includes standard mailing access and online access to EAU materials; the ‘online’ type of membership provides access via the internet only. The online membership agreement is becoming increasingly popular, and has currently been arranged for more than 3,000 active and junior members from 15 national societies of European and non-European countries.

“The online membership agreement is becoming increasingly popular.” The EAU provides education and postgraduate training for its members and supports scientific activities with the crucial goal to maintain the high level of urological care throughout Europe. The realisation of this EAU mission requires representation by the majority of the urologists from all European countries. Application for the EAU membership on the personal basis is easy and can be made online in five steps at http://www.uroweb.org. For low currency country applicants the EAU Board provides membership support upon request.

If you are interested in an en-bloc membership agreement, would like to ask for support or receive additional information on EAU membership options, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Jessica Bijlsma-Hatzmann.