EAU publications 2011: pick up your copies at the congress

Tue, 8 Mar 2011

We invite you to visit the EAU Square at the Vienna Congress, where you can pick up several of our publications. Visiting the booth and collecting your EAU member copies of these publications will spare you the inconvenience of waiting for delivery and also allow you to save on shipping costs.

The latest, 18th, volume of De Historia Urologicae Europaeae will be available at the Congress. It includes a multitude of contributions from around the world, looking at European urology throughout the ages. This year, particular attention is paid to the very origins of the subject matter, covering prehistoric art and the possibility of “paleolithology”. Other articles look at ancient Greek and medieval urological research, a lively debate, American urological pioneers and a call for submissions based on interviews with the older generation of urologists. De Historia 18 is available at the EAU square.

The updated Extended Guidelines will also be ready to be picked up at the EAU Square. Thoroughly revised, the 2011 edition is an essential and exhaustive tool for all urologists. This year, particular emphasis was placed on a continued commitment to transparency, and feedback from readers. The Guidelines’ sections include references to the “level of evidence” and the “grade of recommendation”. Each indicates the precise weight behind the observation and subsequent advice. A survey has shown how readers perceive the relevance of the Guidelines in their practice, giving valuable feedback for creating this new version.

The Guidelines’ abridged version, the Pocket Guidelines, can be picked up at the booth of our sponsoring company OLYMPUS. This edition includes a CD, is printed in a handy format, is lightweight and can easily be carried around the venue in your congress bag.

Another publication waiting for you at the EAU square is the 2011 edition of Urogenital Infections, which provides state-of-the-art knowledge on its subject matter. With contributions from the world’s leading experts in the field, this publications is a detailed textbook built on evidence-based medicine and compiled in a structured consensus process. Urogenital Infections is a joint publication of the EAU and ICUD.