EAU Research Foundation offers researchers new scholarship and publication opportunities

Tue, 14 Jul 2015

The EAU Research Foundation (EAU-RF) aims to build scientific research capacity and promote integration of excellent scientific researchers within the European Urology Research environment. The EAU-RF offers possibilities for young urologists and researchers to develop an independent research career and in doing so strengthen the European urology research environment.

The EAU-RF is currently looking for researchers who are interested in analysing the data generated by two of its own projects, ZEUS and Evolution, offering scholarship and publication opportunities for researchers.

The EAU-RF, together with the EAU and the European Urological Scholarship Programme, already encouraged researchers to apply to the variety of research-related scholarships on offer, from short clinical visits to longer lab scholarships. The EAU-RF also offers a career development programme for young researchers.

EAU-RF Projects

This newly-offered scholarship pertains specifically to the EAU-RF’s own projects: the recently completed ZEUS clinical trial, and the Evolution registry.

ZEUS [PDF] is a 1433-patient, multi-country randomized clinical trial, which investigates the added effect of Zoledronic Acid together with standard hormonal treatment versus standard hormonal treatment alone in preventing bone metastases in a population of non-metastatic PCa patients at high risk of developing metastases.

Evolution [PDF] is a registry in which 2175 patients from five European countries received pharmacological treatment for their LUTS, and were followed for 2 years. Patient Reported Outcomes were collected with various questionnaires. Effects of treatments used in daily practice were analysed in various countries. A health economy analysis is one of aims of this registry.

These two projects are now in the end stage of reporting and reports have been generated for both. Although the initial reports are ready for exchange, there are many opportunities to analyse and publish topics with the sizeable available, cleaned datasets. The steering committee members of ZEUS and Evolution have already proposed directions for additional analyses and publications [ZEUS and Evolution, PDF]. Of course the candidate is free to suggest other directions.

Apply before September 1st!

For details of the application process, please contact the EAU Research Foundation. Candidates may participate in EUSP or EAU Research Foundation Career development programmes or may be young academic urologists who can stay working in their current institution. Candidates will work together with the Clinical Research Director and epidemiologists of the EAU Research Foundation under the mentorship of the project principal investigator or project steering committee member/urologist.