EAU Symposium- a success at EUSC 2016

Thu, 26 Jan 2017

Workshops, hands-on-training courses and state-of-the-art lectures presented by the European Association of Urology (EAU) during the 5th Emirates Urological Society Conference 2016 (EUSC 2016) held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, have demonstrated the growing ties between the EAU and the Emirates Urological Society (EUS).

Held from 15 to 17 December 2016 in Dubai, the conference was proof of the evolving ties between the two organisations, according to the EUS. “The ties between the EAU and EUS throughout the years have grown and are mutually beneficial. Participants of EUSC 2016 have benefited from the informative workshops, Hands-on Training courses, and lectures by various EAU Sections,” the organisers said.

EAU Speakers

SessionsMr. Dan Wood, Dr. Joan Palou and Dr. Rishikesh Pandya presented the “EAU Highlights” during the EAU Symposium which took place on Friday, 16 December. The EAU session that followed focused on paediatric urology and covered topics such as “Hypospadias; etiology, long term outcome and future expectations” and “Obstructive urology of posterior urethral valves and pediatric renal transplantation outcome” by Prof. Wout Feitz, as well as, “Challenges of revision surgery following surgery in childhood” by Wood.

The final EAU session on Friday showcased various lectures on functional urology such as “What to do when drug therapy fails: Botulinum toxin injection therapy – what predicts success?” by Dr. John Heesakkers, “Lower urinary tract symptoms and the pharmacological platform in 2016” by Prof. Chris Chapple, and the “Case presentations and the challenge the experts” session.

The second day comprised of “EAU Highlights”, “Scientific Souvenirs from the EAU”, as well as, “Emergencies in Urology” sessions presented by the aforementioned speakers who were joined by Prof. Francesco Montorsi and Dr. Jochen Walz.

EAU Speaker

EAUN workshopThe European Association of Urological Nurses (EAUN), the representative body for European nurses in urology, organised the educational “Workshop on Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, Catheter Management and Urological Endoscope Management” on Friday.

The workshop aimed to inform participants on the rationale of pelvic floor muscle training and the key principles for teaching it effectively to patients. The workshop also presented the EAUN recommendations for indwelling catheter management and described the principles of urological endoscopes and the duties of nurses.

The EAU and EUS have collaborated since 2012. The EUS, originally established as a subspecialty of the Emirates Medical Association in 2011, has partnered with the EAU in planning the scientific programme since their second congress in 2013.