EAU15: Young Academic Urologists represent the future of EAU

Fri, 20 Mar 2015

During the interactive Meeting of the Young Academic Urologists (YAU), all YAU working parties got to present themselves and the work they carry out. At the end of this Special Session, Secretary General Elect Prof. Chris Chapple (GB) and Editor-in-Chief of European Urology, Mr. Jim Catto (GB), presented their vision on the role of YAU within the EAU and EU.

“The Young Academic Urologists are the bedrock of our organisation and an integral part of its future,” said Chapple. An important goal of this office is to identify rising stars and increase the number of talented young urologists involved in the different EAU activities.

These include scientific activities, Guidelines production, educational activities, scholarships via the EUSP, and other publications such as patient information. “The role of the YAU is not to develop or create these activities but rather to advise, represent, and integrate them in the larger strategy of the EAU,” Chapple continued.

Catto gave the group a series of useful tips to get published in European Urology (EU), since the success of the journal and its high impact factor make it a coveted, but difficult publishing space. The current acceptance rate for the journal is 9% and this makes it hard for new people to come in. “But by engaging with the editorial board, using reporting standards, and by making your paper look like it belongs in the journal by way of presentation, you can increase your chances of acceptance,” Catto explained.

He also mentioned the launch of EU Focus, the new scientific journal, part of the EU family, but with a distinctive role. Each issue of this new syllabus-based publication will have a dedicated theme so that the entire spectrum of urology is covered in the coming years. The first issue focusses on smoking and urological health and all aspects of this theme are discussed.

Chairman of the YAU, Dr. Francesco Sanguedolce (GB), concluded after these two lectures that the essence of YAU is the talent, time dedicated to high-quality work, and available tools to each young urologist. Chapple added that YAU provides an vital platform for collaboration and facilitates further development for those who are involved in it.