EAU22 starts: First in-person Annual Congress in over three years

The RAI Convention centre in Amsterdam opened its doors on July 1st to welcome the first delegates to an Annual EAU Congress since EAU19 in Barcelona.

Sat, 2 Jul 2022
EAU 22Annual EAU Congress

EAU Secretary General Chris Chapple hailed the arrival of the 37th Annual EAU Congress: “It seems so long since we last had the opportunity of meeting face-to-face, and we welcome you to Amsterdam.”

“Clearly, the covid crisis has had a significant impact on everybody, and we are sure that you, like us, are looking forward to meeting face-to-face. We realise that several of our friends and colleagues will still not be able to attend due to current restrictions and we miss them.”

Four-day congress

The most notable change for the annual congress this year is that it takes place on four, rather than five days. The congress starts with Plenary Sessions on the first day and it will end after a full day of scientific sessions on Monday. This more concentrated congress structure was introduced for EAU21 and is now used as a template for the in-person congress as well.

At the congress, there will be 2,580 presentations by 900 speakers, 56 courses and hands-on training programmes by the European School of Urology, numerous industry sessions and workshops. Each of the eight Plenary Sessions will end with an opportunity to ‘meet the experts’ in the post-plenary

session and ask some further questions you might have after their talks. Several of the plenary sessions are preceded by a game changer session with the very latest developments and trial results so keep an eye on the scientific programme for those last-minute additions.

The EAU22 Exhibition will open at noon and features over 150 booths.

A special congress

Aside from a pleasurable reunion with all of our members, colleagues and friends, a congress in Amsterdam marks a return to a city that has played an important part in the EAU’s foundation and development.

Not only was Amsterdam the site where the association’s founding statutes were signed in 1973: it was also the site of the 1990 congress that opened the door to new visitors and members after the fall of the iron curtain and the opening up of Europe. Despite the postponement we are very glad to return to this important city to start the celebration of our fiftieth anniversary.