EAU23: Abstract submission numbers for Milan back to normal

Submissions came in from all over the world

After two years of lower abstract submission numbers, it looks like the tide is turning for 2023. A total of 4,537 abstracts were submitted for the 38th Annual EAU Congress in Milan next year with prostate cancer, urothelial cancer, benign lower urinary tract diseases, renal tumours, and urolithiasis attracting the biggest number of submissions.

Fri, 25 Nov 2022
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The numbers slightly exceed the submission for the Annual Congresses in Munich and Copenhagen, proving that urological research is back on the agenda. This year abstract submissions came from 86 countries from all around the world. Each continent is represented by abstracts, with Europe taking the lead with 59% of the submissions, followed by Asia with 28%.

Video submissions are becoming more popular. Over 410 videos were submitted in a wide range of topics. Urogenital reconstruction was the most prevalent topic, being responsible for over 20% of the submissions. Renal tumours (15%) and prostate cancer (11%) followed as the most popular topics among the video submission.

More than 450 reviewers divided per urological subspecialty are currently tasked with examining the abstracts. Each abstract will be anonymised and reviewed by at least 3 expert reviewers. Each expert will rate the assigned abstracts independently and the abstracts with the highest score per topic will be allocated to an abstract session in that specific field. The members of the Scientific Congress Office (SCO) will draw up around 90 abstract sessions combining related research in attractive sessions.

Just before the Christmas holidays, 23 December at the latest, the outcome of the abstract submission will be published on the online abstract submission system. Each submitter will receive a notification by e-mail once the final verdict is out. The deadline to accept the presentation or to withdraw the abstract is set for 5 January 2023. After this date, any abstracts not withdrawn will be published in European Urology. By accepting the presentation, delegates will be expected to present in Milan. A registration can be made here.

All accepted and presented abstracts are eligible for the prizes granted to the best abstracts in various categories such as oncology, non-oncology, abstracts by residents, and for the three best video abstracts. All accepted abstracts will also be accessible online for EAU members and EAU23 delegates one month before the congress via the EAU23 virtual platform.