EAU23 Awards and Opening Ceremony

Combining Neapolitan songs with Italian pop classics, the vocal trio ‘Italian Tenors’ created an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance to warmly welcome thousands of urological specialists from all corners of the globe to the 38th Annual EAU Congress in Milan, Italy. The official EAU23 Opening Ceremony provided an opportunity for the European Association of Urology to pay tribute to this year’s distinguished award winners, as well as the unveiling of a special commemorative book to celebrate the 50th anniversary year of the European Association of Urology.

Sat, 11 Mar 2023
EAU 23EAU Awards

EAU Secretary General Prof. Chris Chapple took to the stage to welcome everyone to the congress and introduced the prestigious EAU23 award winners, recognising excellence within the urological community.

The EAU welcomed six new honorary members: Dr. Allen Chiu (TW), Prof. Christopher Evans (US), Prof. Helmut Haas (DE), Dr. Alejandro Rodriguez (US), Prof. Monique Roobol (NL) and Prof. Alexandre de la Taille (FR).

Following in his father’s footsteps, the EAU Willy Gregoir Medal 2023 was presented to Prof. Luis Martinez-Pineiro (ES) for his significant contribution to the development of urological specialty in Europe. The EAU Frans Debruyne Life Time Achievement Award 2023 was awarded to Prof. Jim Catto (GB) for his longstanding and important contributions to the activities and development of the EAU.

Other notable awardees included a young promising European urologist Dr. Juan Gomez Rivas (ES), who was presented the EAU Crystal Matula Award 2023, and Prof. Peter Wiklund (SE) received the EAU Innovators in Urology Award. This year also marked the introduction of a new award, the EAU Patient Advocacy Medal of Excellence, which was received by Assoc. Prof. Rachel Giles (NL) for her effective advocacy and positive impact in the urology system in Europe.

Find a complete overview of the EAU23 award winners here.

EAU:50 – A book to celebrate!

In closing the anniversary year celebrations: 50 years of the EAU, History Office chairman Prof. Philip Van Kerrebroeck (BE) and book author Mr. Loek Keizer (NL) joined Prof. Chapple on stage to present his anniversary book EAU:50 – The European Association of Urology celebrates its half-century to Prof. Chris Chapple. This jubilee publication highlights the EAU’s major projects and achievements over the last 50 years, in a series of interviews with prominent figures from its history and future. A copy of the EAU:50 book is in every EAU23 delegate congress bag.

Changing of the guard

For the final part of the ceremony, Prof. Chapple reflected on the imminent changing of the guard at the EAU’s top:

“I’ve worked within the EAU for 30 years and it’s been a very important part of my career. I would like to ask Prof. Arnulf Stenzl (DE) to come up on stage. I hand over this EAU Secretary General medal to him tomorrow so I think it’s very important to introduce him.”

Prof. Stenzl concluded the formalities, “I am proud to be able to serve this great organisation and I am looking forward to stepping into the large shoes of Prof. Chapple.”

The final act from the ‘Italian Tenors’ left a lasting impression as they drew the celebratory ceremony to a close with a stunning musical montage filled with vocal passion. The EAU Networking reception followed, whereby attendees had the opportunity to connect with their peers.