ERUS16: Official launch of the Surgery in Motion School

Thu, 15 Sep 2016

The 13th Meeting of the EAU Robotic Urology Section marked the formal launch of the Surgery in Motion School, a new online platform for video-based urological training. ERUS Chairman Prof. Alex Mottrie, who was closely involved in the conception and development platform, announced it on the afternoon of the 15th of September. Presenting together with Prof. Mottrie was Drs. Jurriaan Oosterman, who oversaw the technical execution of the platform.

The multifunctional platform is designed to complement surgeons’ skills and know-how. Mottrie stressed the involvement of several EAU Sections, the European School of Urology and European Urology, as well as many surgeons’ personal involvement.

Procedures in step-by-step videos

The video platform boasts around 40 different procedures, divided over five organs (adrenal glands, bladder, kidney, prostate and the genital organs), each divided into individual steps (over 500). The procedures are performed by a choice of surgeons, over 120 of which contributed their videos to this platform. Visitors can easily compare how different surgeons have different personal approaches for each step of each procedure. Compare, for instance, how Profs. Wiklund and D’Hondt approach a robotic radical cystectomy in four steps.

EAU members have free access after logging on with their EAU credentials. The platform also allows for comments to be added to each video, encouraging the sharing of knowledge. Each procedure had links to relevant entries in the EAU Guidelines and articles in European Urology, ensuring that you always have the most highly-rated references at your fingertips as you browse the platform.

The future of the platform

As procedures, surgeons and videos keep being added, the ultimate goal is to create an academic platform where medical students, residents as well as qualified surgeons to find accurate and trustworthy information. This is to further stimulate your critical thinking, encourage discussions among peers and for you to continue to enjoy learning.

The Surgery in Motion School is the go-to portal to test your knowledge and skills before attending an EAU training (e.g. hands-on training).