ESUR-SBUR 15: Fostering exchange in urological research

Tue, 7 Jul 2015

On 10-12 September 2015, Nijmegen in the Netherlands will welcome participants to the 11th World Congress on Urological Research. This meeting brings together researchers from both sides of the Atlantic to exchange the most exciting results and progress in basic research.

Among the topics of this year’s Congress are molecular classification of urological cancers, tissue engineering, andrology, exosomes and tumor metastasis. Young researchers get the opportunity to interact with established researchers at the forefront of their respective fields. This gives them the opportunity to establish fruitful research relations, and increases their learning opportunities in the field, and across borders.

For Jack Schalken, Meeting Chair, one of the most interesting features of the 11th World Congress will be the “spectacular real-time video imaging of cancer cells. This will pave the way to pre-operative imaging of cancer cells, an interesting new tool.” Non-oncological topics are not forgotten either, “ advances in fertility research and tissue engineering will be presented, to help progress these fields of urological research,” says Schalken.

The meeting is scheduled to take place during the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Urology Department at the Radboud University, Nijmegen, a milestone for one of the most important urology research centres in Europe. The city of Nijmegen is a charming backdrop to the meeting, and easily accessible by rail and by air.

Registration for the meeting is open until 8 September, on the online registration site of the EAU. Early bird registration closes on 14 July 2015, so register soon, to take advantage of all the research presentations and networking opportunities the ESUR-SBUR 11th World Congress on Urological Research has to offer.