ESUR-SBUR15 offers state-of-the-art scientific programme for an international audience

Tue, 21 Apr 2015

On 10-12 September, the EAU Section of Urological Research (ESUR) and the Society for Basic Urologic Research (SBUR) will organise the 11th World Congress on Urological Research in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Meeting Chair of ESUR-SBUR15, Prof. Jack Schalken, highlights the unique opportunities this meeting offers.

The programme of the 11th World Congress addresses the latest trends in urological research, including molecular diagnostic tools and predictive biomarkers in oncology, advances in fertility research, and tissue engineering. The aims of the World Congress are to improve interaction between highly active researchers on both sides of the Atlantic and to enable students and post-docs to approach their future mentors.

ESUR-SBUR15 focuses on a variety of oncological and non-oncological research areas. “Interestingly,” says Schalken, “the delegates will experience that ‘technology cross-fertilisation’ can help to progress all fields of urological research.” The programme includes, among other things, a spectacular real-time video of cancer cell imaging which paves the way to perioperative imaging of cancer cells.

Nijmegen is a world-class centre of urological research which is easily accessible by train from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam and several other European cities. The meeting coincides with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the urology department at Nijmegen’s Radboud University.

Schalken: “We cordially invite you to join this premier urological event and enjoy the state-of-the-art programme, the cross-continental network opportunities, and the celebration of 5 decades of urological research in Nijmegen. If that does not convince you to come to ESUR-SBUR15, one more reason: Nijmegen has the highest cafe-density in The Netherlands.”

Abstract submission deadline: 1 June 2015

Early bird registration deadline: 13 July 2015