ESUR to convene in Dresden, collaborate with DGU

Wed, 28 Aug 2013

From 25-27 September, the European Section for Urological Research (ESUR) is organising its annual section meeting in Dresden in cooperation with the German Urological Society (DGU). One of the aims of the meeting is to provide support for the further enhancement of the quality of urological research in Germany, where several new research groups have recently been established.

Additionally, it allows ESUR researchers to attend clinical sessions that are organised by our congress partner.

The ESUR Board would like especially to invite researchers who work in emerging areas of chemotherapy and drug development, tumor immunology, and urological pathology. We have key lectures in these areas and we are featuring the most recent developments which are reflected in increased number of publications. Researchers are beginning to understand the mechanisms which prevent currently available chemotherapeutics from being more effective in prostate cancer. The importance of androgen receptor signaling and regulation of stem cell phenotype during chemotherapy are issues of particular interest.

We expect that researchers who work on renal cancer will particularly benefit from lectures on tumour immunology. More therapy options are available for this type of cancer and the role of immunotherapy may be seen depending on those advances. Finally, functional studies in uropathology have greatly revolutionized the field which underwent translation from descriptive research to a highly dynamic field in which novel models, tumour markers and therapy targets are developed.

Forum Sessions

For the first time, we will address key questions in urological oncology together with clinical scientists in “Forum” sessions with speakers selected by ESUR and DGU. Short oral and poster presentations accepted for the meeting, including late breaking presentations, cover a larger number of topics which reflect diversity of urological research in Europe.

The ESUR Board also wishes to invite researchers who plan to participate in the new EU program Horizon 2020 to attend our Annual Meeting in Dresden. This will be particularly important because ESUR meetings are an excellent opportunity for scientific networking in preparation of future collaborative grants. One of our main goals is to identify new group leaders who present their innovative research and demonstrate vitality of research approaches in Europe.

The social programme is arranged in order to facilitate interaction between ESUR and DGU researchers and the ESUR Board hopes that this year’s meeting will be a hallmark of high quality urology research in Europe. We welcome new registrants and hope to facilitate many productive discussions in Dresden!

Registration is still open for the 21st Meeting of the EAU Section of Urological Research. For more information, including the full scientific programme, please visit the meeting website.