ESUT16 in Athens: the latest in technology and training

Thu, 26 May 2016 • Loek Keizer

Athens is set to host the 5th Meeting of the EAU Section of Uro-Technology on July 8-10, its first standalone meeting since 2003. Effective training is essential to the adoption of technology in urological surgery, and ESUT has taken every effort to offer the best in hands-on training during its meeting.

Prof. Ali Gözen (Heilbronn, DE) is in charge of the hands-on training programme at ESUT16, and he points to the importance of training for the introduction and acceptance of new technologies: “ESUT has always emphasised training, and we aim to introduce active urologists to the latest technologies and tools. This is only possible with well-structured hands-on training programmes.”

ESUT regularly provides hands-on training at the Annual EAU Congress, other Section Meetings or specialised masterclasses in collaboration with the European School of Urology. ESUT16 brings together these years of experience to a varied single-location set of training sessions.

ESU-ESUT Hands-on Training

ESUT16 offers hands-on training in: bipolar TURP, laser treatment, ureterorenoscopy, PCNL laparoscopic suturing, and basic laparoscopy. Delegates will also have the opportunity to take the practical part of the E-BLUS exam in Athens.

“Our training programmes are tailored for every experience level.” Prof. Gözen explains. “The inexperienced trainees will find them a good opportunity to take their first steps and the experienced colleagues can learn the familiarise themselves with the latest technologies or meet experts for learning tips and tricks for their daily practice.”

By working with the European School of Urology, new technology can be introduced to urologists with appropriate expertise, guidance and training. Gözen: “We work closely with ESU on training issues and we develop training programmes and curriculums together. Our Training & Research board is also important in that regard.”

Some highlights: “At ESUT16, delegates can look forward to our successful basic laparoscopy training programme (E-BLUS). I’d say that the ureterorenoscopy training sessions (with our new curriculum!) will be the flagship of our hands-on training sessions in Athens.”

As an experienced tutor and coordinator within ESUT, Prof. Gözen has over the years seen some changes in the participants of hands-on training courses: “I can say clearly that the new generations in urology are growing up with the technology and computers and can better set their goals. They are well aware of the importance of training.”

“Over the past five years at EUREP (the European School of Urology’s Residents Training Programme) we’ve encouraged skilled residents with our new training programme. Since then I’ve seen them reached new levels in their careers, and I believe that they will be the future of Urology in Europe.”

The Meeting

“ESUT has been synonymous with the upcoming technologies which have subsequently found their place in urology,” Prof. Gözen explains. “At the meeting, we want to demonstrate how far we’ve come in using the newest technologies, equipment, energy sources as well as robotic tools in urology.”

The meeting will showcase everything that’s new in the fields of benign or cancerous prostate surgery, stone surgery, laparoscopy, and laser treatment. All the biggest companies will showcase their latest products. (View the Scientific Programme)

More important still than having and using the right tools is technique. Many of the debates that will be held at ESUT16 revolve around different approaches that surgeons may wish to take when operating on patients. Debates are scheduled on the merits of miniaturised instruments for use in PCNL, as well as “the big fight” on prone or supine position.

ESUT16 features six different live surgery sessions, covering a range of topics. Procedures will be performed locally in Athens and some will also be pre-recorded, ‘as live’ cases.

Local patients will be matched with surgeons, with most of them coming from abroad. The pre-recorded procedures will be screened in between the live surgery, making sure the sessions are filled with cases.

Online registration for ESUT16 is open until July 1st. Special rates are available for EAU Members, Residents and Nurses. You can also arrange accomodation in Athens through the Meeting website.