EULIS Members awarded Lifetime Achievement Honorary Membership

Thu, 29 Sep 2011

The Bi-Annual EAU Section of Urolithiasis meeting is also an occasion for honouring the pioneers in the field of stone research and stone surgery. At the faculty dinner on September 8, six EULIS members were awarded a Lifetime Achievement Honorary Membership for their innovations in the field.Two Germany-based urolithiasists were among the honoured. Prof. Peter Alken, of the University Clinic in Mannheim was recognised for his development of percutaneous surgery of the kidney. Prof. Dr. Christian Chaussy, from Strasslach, was described as the “father of extracorporeal shockwave lithotropsy” by Mr. Noor Buchholz, EULIS Meeting Chairman.

Two British members were bestowed with an honorary membership in the UK’s capital. Mr. Nagaraja Rao, the former chairman of EULIS was recognised for his efforts. “He was responsible for EULIS becoming an EAU section, so we thank him for lighting the way” said Mr. Buchholz, who is also on the EULIS board. Dr. William Robertson, basic scientist, developed the epidemiology of stones in the 1960s, based on his experiences in Saudi Arabia. His research “laid a lot of groundwork for what we know today”, according to Buchholz.

Dr. Michel Daudon of the Hopital Necker des Enfants Malades, Paris received similar recognition. As a biomedical scientist, he did a lot of work into the basics of stone formation. Finally, EULIS extended its honours to Prof. Hans-Göran Tiselius of Sweden. Prof Buchholz: “a very strong voice in the metabolic, clinical field of urolithiasis.”