Evolving with a stronger vision - Search and Nomination Committee selects seven nominated new EAU board members

Thu, 2 Feb 2012

At this time of the year when we begin with resolutions or welcome a new start, we invariably encounter change or a slight shift in direction. Whether staying in our current course or tracking a new path, what unfailingly proves crucial is maintaining a strong vision and foresight which prompt individual actions to fit in the momentum for significant change.

Recently the EAU’s Search and Nomination Committee has identified seven new nominated members of the board, following the expiration of the current board members’ mandated terms. Unlike in previous years where the appointments were facilitated through invitations, we have put in place a more systematic process where an open call was published and circulated for more transparency.

Pending the approval of the new board members during our General Assembly scheduled in Paris on Saturday, 25 February (07.30-08.30 hours), we convey here our thanks for the solid contributions of the outgoing chairpersons. Under their stewardship in the last eight years, we have realised or implemented many of our plans-- both short- and long-term-- helping us achieve the necessary building blocks.

Let me therefore acknowledge the following board members: Clement-Claude Abbou of the European Urological Scholarship Programme Office (EUSP); Paul Abrams, Strategy Planning Office (SPO); Freddie Hamdy, Scientific Congress Office; Didier Jacqmin, International Relations Office (IRO); Helmut Madersbacher, EU-ACME; Michael Marberger, Regional Office; and Hein Van Poppel, European School of Urology (ESU).

For the fine achievements and dedication during your terms, our heartfelt gratitude!

In Paris, we are formally nominating: Vincenzo Mirone for the EUSP; Didier Jacqmin for the SPO; Arnulf Stenzl for the Scientific Congress Office; Chris Chapple for the IRO; Rien Nijman for the EU-ACME; Bob Djavan for the Regional Office; and Joan Palou Redorta for the ESU.

All nominees have passed the qualifications and thorough screening conducted by the Search and Nomination Committee whose members fulfilled a task that was certainly not easy considering the demands of each position, the number of short-listed candidates and the commitments required from all final nominees.

Additionally, the election of Hein Van Poppel as the new Adjunct Secretary General Education (taking over from Chris Chapple) will be raised during the General Assembly. We are also seeking the GA’s approval for the re-election of Manfred Wirth as treasurer, whose position is extendable after two consecutive four-year terms as provided for in our bylaws. And finally, Aurel Messas is nominated to replace Jeroen Van Moorselaar as chair of the Video Committee, which is part of the Scientific Congress Office (but not of the EAU Board).

Every change has its own impact, as we know. We have worked hard during the last few years for every achievement we see now, and I am sure that with our new set of nominees for the EAU Board we can anticipate the continued development of our organisation, enabling us to forge on with renewed vigour.

Hoping to see you all in Paris!