Four new Scholarship positions available in new EUSP collaboration with ReproUnion

Wed, 2 Nov 2016

The EAU’s body for educational scholarships, the European Urological Scholarship Programme (EUSP) is proud to announce a collaboration with the EAU Section of Andrological Urology (ESAU) and ReproUnion. ReproUnion is a network of 13 clinical and research units in Denmark and Sweden, leading the world in overcoming infertility and in meeting future demands of managing and preventing infertility problems.

Together with the EUSP and ESAU, ReproUnion is inviting four post-doc/PhD research fellows to take part in one of several proposed research projects on fertility, based at centres in either Denmark or Sweden. The EAU and ReproUnion are sharing the costs of the scholarships, up to €40,000 per fellow.

Participants will have access to unique knowhow and research tools available to ReproUnion, such as registries, large patient cohorts and biobanks in the Nordic countries. The collaboration should also help establish new ties between ESAU-affiliated researchers and ReproUnion.

Applicants must be a member of the EAU, must not reside in Denmark or Sweden, and must be a (co-)author to a PubMed-listed publication in the field of urology or andrology. The focus for the fellowship should be on research: training in specific techniques should be limited.

Several research projects on fertility are being explored, so far the following eight are available:

  1. Culture and characterization of human spermatogonial stem cells – Claus Yding Andersen, University State Hospital, Copenhagen
  2. Epidemiological: male infertility as marker of increased morbidity and mortality (Malmö Diet Cancer Study cohort) – Aleksander Giwercman, Lund University, Sweden
  3. Clinical: 5-years metabolic, endocrine and DEXA follow up of an subfertile cohort - Aleksander Giwercman, Lund University, Sweden
  4. Clinical: New markers of FSH and Androgen action (Prof. Ilpo Huhtaniemi) - Aleksander Giwercman, Lund University, Sweden
  5. Clinical: Molecular and protein markers of normal/abnormal spermatogenesis in microTESE material - Jens Sönksen, Herlev Hospital, Denmark
  6. Translational andrology; further development of a new and innovative human testicular ex Vivo model to study regulation of germ cell differentiation (Meiotic entry) and regulation of Leydig cell function In fetal and Adult testicular tissues - Anders Juul, State University Hospital, Denmark
  7. Epidemiological andrology; Investigation of testosterone and relation to general Health outcomes (morbidity and mortality) In fertile and Infertile males through large existing and ongoing cohorts including biobanks and databases of Healthy subjects (4000 Healthy young men), and 6000 men (aged 40-60 yrs) from the Glostrup population studies - Anders Juul, State University Hospital, Denmark
  8. Piwi RNAs as biomarkers of male fertility - Aleksander Giwercman, Lund University, Sweden

The deadline for applications is 1 December 2016. The selection will take place by 1 January 2017. The four fellowships can take place at any time between February 2017 and December 1, 2018.

Interested researchers can e-mail Angela Terberg via for further details or submit their application via the EUSP application webpage.