Free for EAU Members: Masterclass on the making of modern medicine

The Young Urologists Office is offering EAU members free participation in the online masterclass “The making of modern medicine: what they don’t tell you in med school”.

Mon, 7 Feb 2022
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Medical anthropologist and GP Dr. Sigrid Bregman (NL) will be challenging participants to take a different look at the medical profession in a fun and interactive way. Dr. Bregman has an MA in Medical Anthropology at SOAS University of London and MSc Medicine at the University of Leiden, and likes to bring a different and anthropological perspective on Medicine. In this Masterclass you will be challenged to have a different look at your profession in a fun and interactive way. Dr. Bregman will be joined by Ms. Lisalette Dijkers (NL), a consultant from FProfs and hosting on behalf of the EAU Leadership Programme.

What they don’t tell you in med school

The Masterclass focuses on becoming aware of your cultural and political position as a doctor practicing evidence-based medicine. By challenging the idea that modern medicine is objective, neutral and free from history or politics, the speakers will create a space for rethinking your own ideas about what the goals of healthcare should be. Also, attention will be paid to the presence of the physical bodies of doctors themselves while practicing medicine.

Goals of the masterclass:

  • Develop awareness of the cultural and political history of modern medicine
  • Better understand your own cultural and political position
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the role of your own body in the workspace
  • Develop a fresh view on protocols and standards

Participants will get to know some great philosophers of medical science (Descartes, Latour, Foucault, Huber) and find out what they can learn from them for their daily practices.

Register now!

  • February 23, 12:30-14:00 CET
  • Online via Microsoft Teams
  • Sign up for free by sending an e-mail to by February 21st. You will receive further details on joining the webinar upon confirmation of your registration.