General Assembly elects Rassweiler and Van Kerrebroeck

Sat, 12 Mar 2016

Challenges require a fully engaged and streamlined organization and the European Association of Urology (EAU) will need to restructure both its short and long-term strategies to keep up with modern demands and respond to the needs of its members and the urological community.

“There’s always challenges and we have a road ahead of us and this requires us to evaluate things, improve and restructure if we are to achieve our goals and stay fully on track,” said EAU Secretary General Prof. Chris Chapple (UK) during the General Assembly Meeting.

Chapple also noted that economic pressures in the world have an impact on EAU activities which prompts the organisation to prioritise and invest on the most key and crucial projects that will ultimately serve its members and forward the cause of urology.

EAU Treasurer Prof. Manfred Wirth (DE) also reiterated the call for investing on key projects which both he and Chapple said are needed to ensure the future of urology. These projects include educational training, research, meetings, publications and guidelines creation, among many others.

Structuring the organization also leads to changes within the ranks of executive board members. During the meeting, Prof. Jens Rassweiler (DE) was elected as the new chairman of the EAU Section Office, while Prof. Philip Van Kerrebroeck (BE) took over from Dirk Schultheiss as the new chair of the EAU History Office. Prof. Hein Van Poppel (BE) was re-elected as the Adjunct Secretary General for Education. He was re-elected in absentia as he had to leave the congress due to personal circumstances.[H1]

The EAU will also actively pursue consistent contacts and engagement not only with other medical institutions but also politically such as the European Commission since it expects European-wide regulations to heavily impact on medical communities and professional associations.

Guidelines creation, educational training and publications will remain top priorities of the association while contacts with national societies in Europe will be boosted in tandem with the EAU’s growing ties with international and regional urology groups outside the region.


Photo: live tweeting at the General Assembly