Hands-on Training: Applying Botulinumtoxin A

Tue, 15 Apr 2014

The application of Botulinum toxin A is still a budding area of expertise, and not without controversy, as could be seen in the heated debate at the Plenary Session of Day 4 of the EAU Congress in Stockholm. As part of the educational efforts of the European School of Urology (ESU) a small hands-on-training workshop on Botulinum toxin A was carried out today.

The training provides young doctors a first approach to the procedure, now that it has been firmly established in the EAU Guidelines. The practical workshop aimed at teaching the participants the ins-and-outs of the procedure through short lectures, videos and a demonstration using bladder models. Participants learned how to reconstitute the product and were able to explore the different types of equipment available for the procedure. Medical indications and best practices were also touched upon.

Prof. Marcus John Drake (Bristol, GB) emphasised about the procedure that this is a “multidisciplinary approach, and it is beneficial for doctors, as well as nurses”. But talking more in depth about the workshop, he said the aim was to provide starting doctors a practical handle on the issue.

Ms. Maline Niebuhr (DK), one of the participants said that “this training was perfect for my needs, it was a simple demonstration and a basic level. I thought the most useful part was where he showed how to pull up the botulinum, so the practical side was great for me.”