Highlights: Day one of EAU Talent Incubator Programme

The Talent Incubator Programme module two on Mental Health & Wellbeing commenced this week in Valencia, Spain, bringing together a group of young urologists dedicated to enhancing their professional and personal wellbeing. Below are some highlights of day one, shared by Assoc. Prof. Juan Luis Vásquez (DK).

Fri, 17 May 2024
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Day one began with Dr. Nicholas Raison (GB) presenting on the stress associated with various medical specialties, highlighting the significant challenges faced by healthcare professionals.

Prof. Sabine Brookman-May (US) led an insightful session focused on creating healthy and efficient work environments. She offered valuable strategies for balancing wellbeing with productivity, emphasising the importance of fostering supportive workplace cultures. Later in the programme, Prof. Brookman-May also presented on the importance of breaking taboos in the medical field. She advocated for open dialogue about sensitive topics, promoting a culture of transparency and support.

Jason Howlett (DK) conducted a practical workshop on managing time and energy. He introduced methods for prioritising tasks and reflecting on daily practices. This equipped participants with tools to Rogers maintain their overall wellbeing.

Prof. Eamonn Rogers (IE) addressed the profound impact of medical errors and aggression on healthcare professionals, offering strategies to manage these stresses effectively and maintain mental resilience.

The afternoon featured a fitness session in the park where participants enjoyed a run around the Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias, followed by stretching and strengthening exercises led by Jason Howlett.

The day concluded with a fun paella cooking class, facilitated by Dr. Carmen Mir (ES). This engaging activity provided participants with an opportunity to bond while preparing delicious meals, which fostered camaraderie and connection.

Overall, the first day of the Talent Incubator Programme was a resounding success, setting a positive tone for the upcoming two days.

Visit the EAU Talent Incubator Programme webpage to find out more information on the upcoming modules on new technology and real-world evidence, and trials and research.