Historical Symposium: Polish Urology and its contributions to European Urology

Thu, 3 Nov 2016

The Polish Association of Urology and the EAU History Office are hosting an International Symposium that examines the history of urology in Poland, and that country’s contributions to the establishment of a continent-wide field. Speakers include Prof. Piotr Chlosta, Chairman of the PUA, Dr. Johan Mattelaer, former Chairman of the EAU History Office and Dr. Roman Sosnowski, a member of both bodies.

The two-hour symposium will take place in Krakow at the Jagiellonian University Medical College’s Department of Anatomy on Friday, November 18th. The scientific programme [PDF] includes topics like 19th-century pioneers in Polish urology, the history of the Polish Association of Urology and the collaboration of said Association with the EAU and the future of the field.

Fall Meeting

The symposium is part of the EAU History Office’s visit to Krakow. Every year, the History Office is hosted by one of its members (in this case Dr. Sosnowski) for its Fall Meeting. For two days, the members will discuss ongoing and future projects such as the online European Museum of Urology, its publications and other research projects.

In the past few years, the Fall Meeting has included a public component, offering the services of History Office expert speakers to local events. This was the case in Antwerp in 2013, Helsinki in 2014 and Istanbul in 2015. The History Office is currently exploring the possibility of having its 2017 Fall Meeting in Naples, concurrently with the Italian Society of Urology’s Annual Meeting, and co-hosting a session together with its own History Office.