History of Urology meets Andrology

Semmelweis University, Budapest is to host the 5th International Congress on the History of Urology, in conjunction with the Andrology Update 2011. Participants can attend both events, taking place over two days, with a single ticket. The two events complement each other, and both should interest visitors coming for either event.The Andrology Update takes place on Friday, 3 June at the New Semmelweis University Basic Medical Science Center. The update will present visitors with the latest developments in the treatment of specifically male urological problems. The importance of the field goes beyond male conditions: of course relationships can suffer from issues arising from sexuality. This year will cover a wide range of andrological aspects of urology, including male fertility, erectile dysfunction and andro-oncology: the role of prostate disease on male sexuality.

On Saturday, 4 June, the university’s Internal Medicine department will host the Congress on the History of Urology. The expansive programme, comprising some twenty contributors gives a wide view of various issues of historical importance. There will also be special attention for Hungarian medicine, and for the illustrious place Semmelweis itself has in urological history. Looking at the pioneers and innovations of times past should hopefully ground current urologists, and hopefully inspire researchers in particular.

The two days feature some overlap as well. The Andrology Update session includes a local and historical dimension with a talk on the history of Hungarian andrology. Likewise, the Historical programme addresses andrology with entries on the Golden Age of Andrology in The Netherlands, and a more general historical overview of andrology as a medical specialty.

Budapest, at the heart of Europe, with its long history as a centre of research is a perfect location for the joint events. Visitors can register on the EAU Registrations Page, which is open until 27 May. On-site registration is possible after that date.