International Centre for Parliamentary Studies to host "PCa Europe 2014" in cooperation with EAU

Tue, 7 Oct 2014

A two-day symposium in Brussels will bring together EU policy makers, medical and clinical professionals, academic experts, healthcare payers and patient groups, to examine the ongoing challenges in managing prostate cancer more effectively and explore practical solutions in order to reach an EU-wide consensus and implement a forward action plan.

Prostate cancer (PCa) is the second leading cause of cancer death in men in Europe. The incidence of prostate cancer has increased considerably over the last two decades and continued growth is expected, due to an aging population. This continued high prevalence will place even greater burden on healthcare services and expenditure, throughout Europe, over the coming years.

The EU must raise greater awareness of prostate cancer, highlighting the risk factors and symptoms and promoting healthier lifestyles, as a preventive measure. Continued investment in clinical research and innovation is essential for improving diagnostic accuracy and developing novel therapeutic approaches, which could help to improve the overall management of PCa in Europe.

A selection of topics to be addressed:

  • Potential for an EU-Wide Population-Based Screening
  • Programme A Patient-Centred Multidisciplinary Approach to Prostate Cancer
  • Accuracy of Current Diagnostic Techniques to Identify Low-Risk and High-Risk Prostate Cancer
  • New Developments in Immunotherapy of Prostate Cancer
  • Reducing Incidences of Over-Detection and Over-Treatment
  • Internal Radiation Therapy: High Dose Rate Brachytherapy as Monotherapy for Localised Prostate Cancer
  • Advances in Radical Prostatectomy, Hormone Therapy and Chemotherapy
  • Prostate Cancer Management in Senior Adults: A Call to Action
  • Prolonging and Improving Quality of Life for Patients
  • Reaching an EU-Wide Consensus for Improved Diagnostic Accuracy, Effective Management and Care

Key speakers include EAU Secretary General Prof. Per-Anders Abrahamsson, Prof. Nicolas Mottet, Chairman of the EAU Guidelines Panel for Prostate Cancer, and Chairman of the EAU Strategy Planning Office Prof. Didier Jacqmin. Several other experts will make the case for a Europe-wide approach to the awareness and treatment of PCa. The event is set to take place on 28-29 October, 2014 in Brussels. A venue will be announced shortly.