Join our free webinar on PCa diagnosis

Fri, 15 Nov 2013

Join us for a free webinar which will cover state-of-the-art evidence on PSA in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. The host of the webinar, Prof. Michael Marberger (Vienna, Austria), will discuss all the latest developments and controversies in the field and lead an in-depth discussion with the participants. If you are a urologist or a medical practitioner with a special interest in urology, you will greatly benefit from this update.

The webinar will address several important topics: the current evidence on PSA as the best available biomarker for PCa, the prognostic value of PSA as a marker for the future risk of PCa and the potential of PSA as a marker for BPH progression. In addition, the factors influencing PSA are discussed, such as intra-individual variation, mechanical trauma to the prostate or medication.

This webinar summarises and discusses the evidence presented in the course run by EAU Education Online: "Emerging evidence on PSA in the Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer". The webinar will present the newest updates on the topic and enable the participants to pose their questions, opinions and remarks to the host as well as the peers.

The course is supported by the unrestricted educational grant from GSK.

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