Junior ERUS session to open ERUS Congress in Stockholm

Fri, 26 Jul 2013

The 2013 EAU Robotic Urology Section Congress is set to start on September 3rd, opening with a special Junior ERUS session, aimed at the needs of younger generation of minimally invasive surgeons. The Congress itself brings together state-of-the-art lectures and live surgery, offering attendees the cutting edge of the field.

The European Robotic Urology Society (ERUS) was formed in 2004 when 20 urological surgeons convened in France to discuss the newly emerging field of robot-assisted surgery. Since then ERUS has gone on to become the scientific platform for urologists interested in the development of robotic surgery. In 2011, ERUS joined the EAU and was renamed the EAU Robotic Urology Section.

The past decade has seen ERUS go from strength to strength, reaching out to an ever increasing number of urologists. A sub-section, the “Junior ERUS”, was created to help support and educate young urologists and trainees with a dedicated interest in robotic surgery. Over the past three years, Junior ERUS has opened the annual ERUS congress with a half-day symposium focusing on issues pertinent to young urologists who are developing their skills in robotic surgery.

The Junior ERUS’12 Congress, held in London shortly after the 2012 Olympic Games, was very well attended and covered the basic principles of robotic surgery, how to train in robotic surgery and how to start up a robotic programme. The highlight of the session was a step-by-step review of four different approaches to performing a robotic prostatectomy.

This year the ERUS Congress will be held in Stockholm, Sweden on 3-5 September 2013. The main congress will present state-of-the art lectures and live surgeries performed by experts in robotic surgery. The sessions will feature live commentaries, interactive moderation and discussions. The congress will open with the Junior ERUS session on 3 September which we hope will inspire the next generation of minimally invasive surgeons.

The Junior ERUS session will cover the key aspects of assisting, training and setting up a robotic surgery programme, and following on from the success of last year’s meeting, we will have a step-by-step consensus on robotic partial nephrectomy.

We invite participants to submit videos or posters concerning any aspect of lab training, patient positioning, bedside assisting or elementary tips and tricks for the beginning console surgeon. Authors of the best three videos and posters will receive prizes at the end of the meeting. The first prize winner will receive a one-month fellowship at a European robotic training centre. The first author should be less than 40 years old and should be present at the meeting.

Registration for the Junior ERUS symposium is 50 euros for residents and 100 euros for physicians. Members of ESRU (European Society of Residents in Urology) will receive an additional benefit, i.e., registration for Junior ERUS + 1 course = 50 Euros. For more information, visit our website.