New History Office publication on sale

Tue, 15 May 2012

The EAU History Office is pleased to announce the publication of a new book by Prof. Sergio Musitelli. Titled Selected Passages on Urological Surgery: From the XVI to the Mid-XVIIII Century, it is a companion piece to its 2003 predecessor which covered the earliest known texts on urological surgery.The book is the latest addition to the EAU Classical Library, which is aimed at urologists with an interest in the origins of their subject area. The Selected Passages series serves as a way of documenting the genesis and early development of urology.

The publication gives readers and urological researches a chance to use primary sources for their own publications. The originals texts, compiled from several collections, are faithfully reproduced in the first part of the book. Where necessary, Selected Passages also provides a transcription, and a translation of the source text.

The book is for sale as a PDF, distributed on a CD-ROM. For a limited time, buyers will receive the first, printed volume of Selected Passages at no additional cost.