New PN masterclass: An interview with Prof. Porpiglia

The newest addition to the popular masterclasses of the European School of Urology (ESU), the ESU-ESUT-ERUS Virtual Masterclass on Partial Nephrectomy aims to enrich the participants’ knowledge on partial nephrectomy (PN) for improved management of renal tumours.

Tue, 6 Apr 2021
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This much-awaited masterclass set to take place from 10 to 11 June 2021 will also explore the latest PN advancements in terms of precision surgery for optimal oncological and functional results.

The masterclass’ stellar programme was organised through the collaborative efforts of the ESU, the EAU Section of Uro-Technology (ESUT) and the EAU Robotic Urology Section (ERUS). Internationally-known experts will lead the masterclass: ESU Chairman Prof. Joan Palou (ES), ESUT Chairman Prof. Dr. Ali Serdar Gözen (DE) and the three Course Directors Prof. Francesco Porpiglia (IT), Dr. Alberto Breda (ES) and ESU Chair Elect Prof. Evangelos Liatsikos (GR).

In this article, we interviewed the esteemed Prof. Porpiglia who shared his expert insights on the relevance of PN knowledge; how the masterclass aspires to boost the participants’ clinical practice; and the process of how the programme was developed.

Why is it important that urologists know more about PN?

Prof. Porpiglia: The partial nephrectomy scenario continues to evolve. The paradigm of PN has changed completely after the introduction of robotics. In the last 10 years, many innovations were introduced to increase the precision of each surgery irrespective of the approach; from new intraoperative image guidance modalities (e.g. indocyanine green and augmented reality) to new intraoperative tools to optimise all the surgical steps (sutures and new haemostatic agents). The indication to PN has been pushed forward, changing the challenges and the surgical strategies of surgeons. Through the masterclass, we aim to update participants with contemporary knowledge on PN.

In what ways will the masterclass enhance the participants' clinical practice?

Prof. Porpiglia: The masterclass’ well-structured programme will not only include the PN milestones and main principles in all the different PN approaches (e.g. open and pure laparoscopy, robotic, etc.) but also the current innovative strategies that can aid surgeons in maximising intraoperative results.

The masterclass will also consider specific categories of patients, such as the elderly and those harbouring clinical stage T2 (cT2) renal tumours or local recurrences, to illustrate indication and surgical strategies presently available.

Additionally, the masterclass will address issues of management of complications and surgical margins, giving a very useful perspective for clinicians in their daily practice.

Will the masterclass examine any controversies and/or current challenges?

Prof. Porpiglia: Yes, indeed one of the main goals of this masterclass is to tackle current controversies. There will be sessions dedicated to the issue of ischemia time and extension; comprehensive coverage of PN literature; the surgical access where advantages and disadvantages of trans- and retroperitoneoscopy; and innovations about nephrometry scores.

In terms of challenges, the masterclass will cover the limit for a safe enucleation, the study of perfusion areas of the kidney to plan a selective clamp, and many others.

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Please take us through the process of how the programme for this masterclass was developed.

Prof. Porpiglia: The programme was developed by taking into account the importance of PN cornerstones but with the anticipation of what’s to come in terms of future innovations. For this very reason and to give the participants the best overview of the PN scenario, top European PN experts were selected based on their specific surgical skills and expertise; PN approaches and technologies they are familiar with; and their scientific background on the masterclass topics.

Who is this masterclass' target audience and why?

Prof. Porpiglia: The target audience includes both novice and experienced urologists who have a keen interest in kidney surgery.

This masterclass is for seasoned urologists who perform this kind of interventions in their daily practice. Participating in this masterclass can be a great opportunity for them to update their knowledge of technical innovations and future perspectives. The masterclass is also where young urologists become more familiarised with PN: milestones, current indications, emerging technologies, and identification of patients best suited for such intervention.

Interested in knowing more about this masterclass and how to apply? Click here for more information. The deadline for applications is 19 April 2021.