Number of submitted abstracts for Stockholm exceeds 4,000 mark

Tue, 17 Dec 2013

Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom took the Top 3 spots for submitting the highest number of abstracts for the 29th Annual EAU Congress, while the management of localised prostate cancer, advanced bladder cancer and surgical treatment for kidney tumours are the most studied topics.

A total of 4,019 abstracts were submitted for the nearly 100 poster sessions to be organised in Stockholm. Not all submissions will pass the scrutiny of 275 reviewers and the scientific congress selection committee, but the figure is the highest number of abstracts submissions recorded so far for the annual congress.

With the selection by the Scientific Congress Office still on-going (as of December 2013), the accepted abstracts will be made available on-line for EAU members one month before the congress, and on April 11 to the general public.

Prostate cancer generated the most number of abstracts submitted, with around 13 sub-topics explored in various studies ranging from basic research, management strategies, screening and diagnosis, among others. An estimated 1,030 abstracts on prostate cancer were submitted.

Urothelial tumours were covered in around 577 abstracts submitted with the topics ranging from basic research, diagnosis, staging and the management of advanced and infiltrative diseases. Renal tumours were taken up in 413 abstracts with surgical, medical and focal ablative treatment among the various topics.

For video abstracts, 250 were submitted from around 31 countries with Spain topping the list at 55 submissions, followed by Italy (44) and Turkey (26). Ten video sessions will be held during the five-day congress.

With poster abstract submissions coming from 74 countries from all over the world, mainland Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East are among the most active regions.

In comparison, around 3,883 abstracts were submitted for the Milan congress last year. As in previous years, at least 1,000 abstracts will be presented during the congress, while for the video sessions around 80 video abstracts will be selected for actual viewing,

All accepted and presented abstracts are eligible for the prizes that will be granted to the best abstracts in various categories such as oncology, non-oncology, and abstracts by residents and for the three best video abstracts.

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