Prof. Péter Tenke on CEM 15: Sustaining efforts to boost regional ties

Thu, 30 Jul 2015

Urologists in Central Europe could do more with sustained efforts to improve education, training and boost regional alliances and other initiatives that aim to maintain the quality of urological healthcare in the region.

“The Central European region always had an important role in European urology, as many of the finest urologist surgeons are from here. Our goal is to maintain this position and to educate the next generation since they represent our region. They are the future,” said Prof. Péter Tenke, chairman and course director of the 15th Central European Meeting (CEM).

Budapest will host the 15th CEM which will be held from 2 to 4 October. The Hungarian capital also hosted the first CEM meeting way back in 2001 and again in 2005, making Budapest the only city to host the meeting for the third time.

Prof. Péter Tenke

“The Central European Meeting is a great occasion for urologists in the region to meet and strengthen their social and scientific network and also to share knowledge. It is also the ideal event for young urologists to improve their skills in public speaking or in presenting data, preparing them for the EAU’s Annual Congress,” Tenke added as he underscored the importance of organising regular conferences in the region.

This year the meeting will take up the most recent advances in uro-oncology, with special emphasis on new diagnostic and treatment options in prostate cancer. A session on functional urology and an ESU course on urological Infections will also be offered. “Urinary tract infections and antibiotic resistance have now become one of the biggest threats urologists have to face today,” according to Tenke.

To meet its goal to support young urologists, CEM also encourages participants to submit results of their research data. Awards are given to the best poster presentations with cash prizes and a special presentation at the EAU’s annual congress. Accepted abstracts will also be published online by Elsevier as an official supplement of European Urology.

“We have to further increase the scientific and academic prestige of the Central European Meeting with the help of the Regional Office to increase the number of participants, and by keeping reasonable registration fees. Residents and young urologists should always be able to participate in these meetings without significant costs,” noted Tenke.

Abstract online submission deadline is on 1 August. For registration information and details on the CEM, visit the meeting website.