Residents Day at the Annual EAU Congress

Thu, 21 Feb 2013

This year’s Annual EAU Congress once again has a day-long programme dedicated to residents and young urologists: the Residents Day. It will take place on Saturday, 16 March, and it is organised by the Young Urologists Office (YUO) in collaboration with the European Society of Residents in Urology (ESRU). Dr. Zafer Tandogdu, ESRU Chairman and Office member of the YUO is co-chairing Residents Day, and he explains what the day has in store for both residents and young urologists.

“The main focus of this year’s programme is how to get a better education, as well as core topic lessons for the youth community of urology.” The programme of Residents Day, which lasts from 10:00-16:30 includes many topics that highlight possible future steps for residents and young urologists, from academic urology to working in a private practice. This last topic takes the form of a debate, illustrating the pros and cons of each career move.

Core topics include the limits of residency training, advice on the use of antibiotics and the popular “nightmare session”. In this session, residents and young urologists present perplexing cases and discuss approaches with a panel of experts.


“With Residents Day, we create an environment for maximum interaction,” Dr. Tandogdu explains. “We use keypads for voting, open debates and discussions to involve the audience. This year, we also tried to have open panel discussions in trying to define the best education possible.”

Debates on education look at possibilities for post-residency training, post-residency life and the merits of continuing an academic career. The future of the field and the role of young urologists will also receive much attention from experienced and young urologists alike.

“I would encourage young urologists and residents to attend Residents Day for several reasons. First of all, use it to update your knowledge. The programme is specifically tailored to the questions and needs of young members of the urological community. Secondly, the many presentations will hopefully give you an idea of the limits of training: what can and should you learn for your career?”

As a third reason for attending, Dr. Tandogdu mentions the Campbell Team Challenge Quiz. This half-hour quiz presents the audience with 16 multiple choice questions, with electronic answering. The winner wins the complete edition of Campbell-Walsh Urology, in printed and DVD format.

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