SEEM16's YUC awardees and Best Poster Presentation winners

Tue, 4 Oct 2016 • Erika de Groot

Nine promising awardees were given recognition at the recently concluded 12th South Eastern European Meeting (SEEM16) held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The awards were handed by chairs Prof. M. Hiroš (BA), Prof. B. Djavan (AT) and Prof. F. Sanguedolce (GB).

The three winners of the Young Urologist Competition are as follows:

First prize: Dr. Panagiotis Kallidonis (Greece) for his presentation “Minimally invasive partial nephrectomy: Tumour enucleation and clampless technique”

SEEM16 Kallidonis

Second prize: Dr. Emina Habibovic (Bosnia) for her presentation “Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy eliminates the need for open surgery”

SEEM16 Habibovic

Third prize: Dr. Artan Koni (Albania) for his presentation “Retrograde intrarenal surgery: The first cases in our center”

SEEM16 Koni

From the 121 abstracts in six poster sessions, the jury awarded six prizes which were sponsored by Berlin Chemie and Karl Storz. The winners are as follows:

The three Karl Storz awardees are:

First prize: “A simple, non-biological model for percutaneous renal access training” by Dr. Sedat Öner (Turkey)

Second prize: “Resurfacing and reconstruction of the glans penis after partial penile amputation – initial experience and cosmetic results” by Dr. Ognen Ivanovski (Macedonia)

Third prize: “Complications of en-block resection of bladder tumors with bipolar hook cutting electrode” by Asst. Prof. Simon Hawlina (Slovenia)

SEEM16 Hawlina

The three Berlin Chemie Award winners are:

First prize: “Detrusor After-Contraction (DAC): Urodynamic and clinical characteristics and associations” by Dr. Konstantinos Mytilekas (Greece)

SEEM16 MytilekasSecond prize: “Does a standardized algorithm for managing patients post-robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy improve recovery? Experience with the Optimized Surgical Journey” by Dr. Said Yaiesh (Kuwait)

SEEM16 YaieshThird prize: “Histopathologic and molecular comparative analyses of intravesical aurora kinase A inhibitor with bacillus Calmette-Guerin in precursor lesions of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer in vivo model: Preliminary results” by Dr. Kerem Teke (Turkey)

SEEM16 Teke