Seven reasons why you should be on Twitter for #EAU14

Thu, 20 Mar 2014

Nobody needs convincing that social media is useful, popular and very effective. Twitter is especially handy when it comes to professional use: news and comments spread fast and we get commentary from opinion leaders as if in our own mailbox. It feels personal and global at the same time.

At the EAU we are very happy to use social media: it allows us to hear first-hand what we are doing right and what needs to be improved. It allows us to offer another way for our members to talk with each other, build networks, and – at the time of the congress – form and share common memories!

Twitter will be an integral part of #EAU14: we will put up monitors throughout the venue and make sure that all our chairman have an iPad with a relevant Twitter feed: we believe that the scientifi c discussion in the session rooms can feed the discussion in the digital space, and vice versa. We will be selecting best tweets of the day and announcing the winners to the whole wide world! And, to reward the most successful and dedicated effort, we will also be giving away an iPad Mini to the person whose #EAU14-tagged tweet will be “favourited” the most.

Still not convinced? Here are all the reasons why you should join the #EAU14 discussion in a list!

  1. Win an iPad Mini – all you need to do, is to tweet something that everybody loves. Get the most favourites for your tweet, and that iPad is yours!
  2. You will follow all the discussions of the congress online – an open and very stimulating environment.
  3. Make yourself heard – not just by the EAU – the entire international urological community will be all ears!
  4. Make friends – in the ether but also in real. You can even meet up for a coffee right there and then.
  5. We will be posting all the latest announcements, updates, and special offers on Twitter – you don’t want to miss them!
  6. Get your 15 minutes of fame! We will be selecting best tweets of the day and letting everybody know who our heroes are!
  7. Have fun! The congress is a serious event packed with information. It is great to tap into the informal side of the congress – and Twitter is where it all happens!

Not sure how to start? Here is a video that explains it all: YouTube >